Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat

But somehow, a lot happened! Over the past several weeks, so many things went down! Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version:

1. Pickle Jubilee is on the shelves (several shelves!)! And we’re proud of our progress at this point! We are now available in five stores, two delivery services, and of course online! We do still hand-deliver to friends and family, but soon enough we won’t need to do that anymore. We even published a comprehensive list of “Where to Find Us” on our website!

2. We’re [almost] famous! Through the magic of email and distant connections, we have landed some sort of feature in Southern Living! That’s right, SOUTHERN LIVING! At their request, we have shipped samples to Birmingham (SL’s home base) and we expect to see some beautiful photography and on-page credit soon! Meanwhile, we’ve caught the attention of our local media. Best of New Orleans wrote a sweet little number on us, we had a nice mention in The Advocate, and we’re most excited about catching the eye of a beautiful local magazine called FACE, with whom we landed the April cover spot! We had interviews, a big photo shoot, the whole bit. We felt like royalty. Pickle royalty, that is.

3. The time has come for the big career leap! Most entrepreneurs have ended up at the point when it’s time to step away from the full time traditional nine-to-five job and into running their own business (which sounds like it will be more than full-time). Well, we’re there, and I (Abigail) had to make the big, scary (but exhilarating) leap. It was bittersweet, but my bosses and coworkers at BBR Creative couldn’t have been cooler about it. They were appropriately sad, of course (and even threw me a “You’re-Leaving-to-Pickle-and-We’re-Bitter-About-It themed party), but ultimately excited for us. I did give a two-month notice and will be staying on for one client through July, so that may have helped soften the blow. If anyone is feeling close to this point, I do recommend  reading Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After by Miki Agrawal. It’s an inspiring read.

So we will try to blog more often, but sometimes we’re like…

we can relate.

we can relate.




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