It’s fall, y’all!

Part of what we do as a small start-up company is set up shop at our local farmer’s market. It’s plenty of work, but we love it! It gives us an opportunity to test new products, gain exposure and make a little cash in the process!

This week, we were extra excited to participate, as we’ve taken the past several weeks off for one reason or another. And of course the perfect fall weather was a real plus! We decided to make a few fall-inspired items this time, and they were each a hit! We brought our Pickle Jubilee and Spicy Dilly Dills, and our brand new Cranberry Pepper Jelly, Pumpkin Butter, and True French Vinaigrette as well. Mom also bottled some of her Sensation Dressing, which sold out almost right away!

We worked hard to prepare, but it all paid off. We always meet the cutest people, and we eat well all day! Here are a few pics of our prep and of the market itself. It was such a fun day!


Cranberry Pepper Jelly. Yum!

french vinaigrette

True French Vinaigrette


Labeling. With ghost busters in the background.


Our trusty helper 🙂

its early yall

We were up before the sun!

its fall yall

Check out that view!

We had a little owl visitor who loved our pumpkin butter!

We had a little owl visitor who loved our pumpkin butter!

We’re especially lucky here in Lafayette, LA because we have a brand new (and very popular) market – and it’s a great one. Rather than being in the middle of a parking lot, we get to set up shop under 200 year old oak trees in what was once an equestrian center for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. A grass-roots effort that began probably more than a decade ago is finally paying off for this community. The beautiful 100-acre tract of land in the middle of town, affectionately known as “the horse farm,” is becoming a passive park. Recently, the city purchased the land and is in the early stages of turning it into Lafayette Central Park.  Just over the past few months, it’s been open to the public for our farmers and artisans market on Saturdays, and so far its been a huge success. Community forums are now being held to allow people from all walks of life to give their two cents, so to speak, on what they want the park to become.


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